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yramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed leave

To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on June 7, the fifth d ay of the fifth lunar month on the traditional Chinese calendar, foreign students from the C hinese Culture and Literature School at Nankai University learned to make zongzi, or pyramid-shaped glu tinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed leaves, and weave five-color strings to […]

We must work together to ensure that big data, and the

technologies that it enables, are harnessed for the benefit of mankind while minimizing the risks to develo pment, peace and security and human rights,” Guterres said in a congratulatory letter to the expo. Miao Wei, minister of industry and information technology, said China has already made signif icant progress in bolstering the big data industry […]

Huawei launched its 5G smartphone in London on Thu

rsday as mobile network operators prepare to switch on 5G network in parts of the United Kingdom, Xinhua reported. Also in Saturday’s call, Wang Yi urged the US to observe the one-China policy and the three joi nt communiques between the two countries, and handle Taiwan-related issues carefully and properly. The US House of Representatives […]

And if some strategies, including efforts to popul

larize winter sports in other parts of the country, succeed, people in not only Northea st China but also in other regions could be seen playing winter sports in a few years time. In fact, the number of people involved in winter sports has increased drastically in many cities in the past few years. For […]