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nts at No 1 Primary School Affiliated to Shanghai Normnive

ncreas上海419论坛品茶微信ing public access to new educational too ls, integrating artificial intelligence in schoolwork and administration, and trai ning teachers and students to become more proficient with the technology are cr ucial for the success of AI-infused education, experts said. During the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Educat ion in Beijing last month, Chen Baosheng, […]

In 2018, the number of real-name users on provinci

al e-government platforms reached 145 million, an increase of 38 million over the previous year, the report showed. China will release a list of generic drugs by the end of June this year to guide enterprises to develop, register and produce urgently needed generic drugs f or clinical use, public health and safety, according to […]

Authorities have paid more attention to the effect and

 quality of forestation, with high technologies employed to save rainwater, improve soil quality and ensure the survival rate of the trees. A work plan issued by the bureau also put forward specific measures to enhance efforts in bio-diversity, forest quality, soil quality, education about nature and water-saving. China’s civil servant law, newly revised in December […]

The company’s core technology is to produce diversifie

ed bicycle handlebars in accordance with ergonomics to avoid sports injuries, said Xu Weiyao, deputy g eneral manager of the business department of HL Corp (Shenzhen), a company producing bicycle parts. Policymakers in Southwest China’s Guizhou province are trying to i mprove education programs to empower children with knowledge and skills to combat poverty. The […]

We do rehearsals during each tour and every note insp

Beethoven’s first piano concerto, Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major, Op. 15, was written in 1795 and hi s last piano concerto, Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat Major, Op. 73 was written between 1809 and 1811. The last piano concerto is also known as the Emperor Concerto and the composition exudes a powerful, […]

Laoshan district launches global design competition

Laoshan district in Qingdao, Shandong province has launched a global compet ition for cultural and innovative designs, offering a top prize of 50,000 yuan ($7,370). The competition will run till July 30, and organizers will invite experts to review collected works in August, with winners expected to be announced September. The collection is divided into […]

Smaller airports seeing new surge in busines

More domestic airlines are launching new flights connecting less-densely populated small er Chinese cities, and those areas are seeing me growth in air traffic than major cities. Last year, the airports of Quanzhou in Fujian province, Nantong, Changzhou and Xuzhou in Jiangsu province, Jieyang in G uangdong province and Yichang in Hubei province saw their […]