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The 5G licensing will be a significant boost to the do

omes上海龙凤1314女神会所tic economy as it will drive the transformation and upg rading of the real economy, promote 5G applications in various fields including manufacturing and agriculture and boost growth of the digital economy,” said Wang Zhiqin, head of IMT2020 (5G) Pro motion Group, a team established by the ministry to accelerate the development of 5G in […]

Education Ministry issues notice to prevent ‘gaokao immigr

China’s Ministry of Education issued an urgent notice to schools on Friday to prevent “gaokao immigration”. “Gaokao immigrants” refers to those individuals who lack a hukou (household registration) or student status in a pro vince but still attend the gaokao, the National College Entrance Examination, in that province. The ministry required local authorities to ensure […]

China and the US started tit-for-tat tariff exchanges in July,

 when the first round of tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods took effect. There has been strong opposition to the tariff measures from the US side. Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate for US president, said on Monda y, “The only people paying the price are farmers and working people right now”. “Raising tariffs […]

All of my knowledge and expertise in the space field

 was about ground operations, such as telemetry, tracking and command of spacecraft. “I want to study satellites. I want to learn and work on communications satellites operating in low Earth orbit, because no w we have a communications satellite in geosynchronous orbit, and remote-sensing satellites in low Earth orbit,” he said. “I want to learn […]

“They want it to look like an impeachment hearing

 because they won’t bring impeachment proceedings,” Collins said. The report detailed extensive contacts between Trump’s 2016 preside ntial campaign and Moscow and the campaign’s expectation that it would ben efit from Russia’s actions, which included hacking and propaganda to boost Trump and harm Democratic can didate Hillary Clinton. The report also detailed a series of […]