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Data from the US Census Bureau showed that bilater

eral merchandise trade between the two countries has declined by more than 15 percent since September 2018, when the second round of tariffs went into effect. “This has also impacted global value chains in East Asia and other trading partners,” the report said. “We’ve seen the trade tariffs that have been introduced on both sides […]

he Ya’an-Nyingchi section is believed to be one of the

 world’s most challenging railway projects to build, as it will traverse the southeast portion of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which has intricate and difficult geological conditions. Previous reports said that 80 percent of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway will consist of tunnels and bridges, and the cumulative ascent of the line will exceed 16,000 me ters, which is […]

irths, while the maternal mortality rate decreased from

births, said the government statistics.The communique also reported improvements in medi cal reform as more people seek treatment at primary-level clinics and the number of medical workers in China increases. People’s right to social security, especially in healthcare, has been extended, said a white paper titled “Progr ss in Human Rights over the 40 Years […]

tariffs by the US on solar imports, as well as the country’s anti

dumping and anti-subsidy measures, have largely reduced China’s export to the country. Photovoltaic modules export to India also slumped 24.4 percent to 1.81 GW in the first quarter, as the Indian government ordere d that all photovoltaic modules for government and central public utilities projects should be 100 percent India-made. China’s top five photovoltaic modules […]

he familiar discrediting of China’s policy toward the

 Uygurs in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Which in itself is a worrying development since it may be the start of the US using the domestic affa irs of other countries as a pretext to stifle the growth of foreign competitors to US companies. Washington, of course, is trying to put the US on the […]

g elections domestically. More far-right parties and nati

 nationalists entering the assembly would also place obstacles for passing EU legislation,” he said. Various surveys have indicated that nationalist and far-right parties across the Europe will perform strongly in the coming elections. In France, President Emmanuel Macron’s Republic on the Move party is in a tight battle with Marine Le Pen’s far-right Nation al […]