Month: April 2019

And if some strategies, including efforts to popul

larize winter sports in other parts of the country, succeed, people in not only Northea st China but also in other regions could be seen playing winter sports in a few years time. In fact, the number of people involved in winter sports has increased drastically in many cities in the past few years. For […]

fornia synagogue shooting suspect identified as

 The suspect of Saturday’s synagogue shooting in San Diego, C alifornia, has been identified as 19-year-old John Earnest, authorities said. The suspect has no prior contact with law enforcement, said San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore. Authorities are aware of an online manifesto that Earnest wrote, and are looking into digital evidence and checking the authenticity […]

Chen Zhongjie, general manager of Hongdong Fishe

a company based in Fujian province, said that as a private fishery company, it is difficult for it to o btain loans for investing overseas, and his knowledge about overseas markets is limited. Sinosure’s insurance services have helped Hongdong obtain financing and accelerated Hongdo ng’s construction of a whole industrial chain fishery plant in Mauritania, […]

Wang Zhiguo, chairman and president of Shenzhen

 Skyworth-RGB Electronic, a subsidiary of Skyworth Group, said the express helped reduce logistics time by more than 66 percent. Enticed by the growing influence of China Railway Express on China-Europe trade, more compa nies have signed agreements with Chengdu to conduct import-export logistics and production capacity coop eration with Europe. They’ve also reached cooperative intention […]

New plan puts greater water efficiency on tap

An action plan has been introduced to tighten water consumption as part of high-quality development moves, which aims to improve efficiency in the use of natural resources and better protect the environment while boosting economic growth. By 2020, water consumption per 10,000 yuan ($1,487) of GDP is expect ed to drop by 23 percent from […]